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Radiata pine is an exceptionally versatile and fast-growing treecrop. Here you can find out - 

            What is Radiata Pine
        Advantages of New Zealand Radiata pine
         Uses of Radiata Pine

What is Radiata Pine? 

Radiata pine is classed as a medium-density softwood. Radiata pine clearwood (wood that is free of defects such as knots, holes or other blemishes) is one of the world's best clearwoods. Due to research and the high quality of New Zealand Radiata pine, it can be used in many applications (see below). 

Radiata pine's botanical name is Pinus radiata - it is also known as Monterey pine and New Zealand pine. Radiata pine was introduced into New Zealand in the 19th century. Although native to  California, USA, it actually grows faster in New Zealand than in its original home. It can reach maturity in around 28 years.

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Advantages of New Zealand Radiata pine

Radiata pine is one of the world's most widely planted plantation species and has the ability to grow to a large diameter faster than almost any other tree species.

In New Zealand, both the ideal climatic and soil conditions and forest management techniques mean that trees not only grow faster, they are also of the highest quality. New Zealand has the most developed plantation management and management aids in the world.

Radiata pine grown in New Zealand is an advanced wood product that has superior yield and consistent characteristics, due to genetic improvement and advanced forest management. It is also strong, comparing favourably with most other timber used in construction. 

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HouseUses of Radiata Pine

New Zealand pine is extremely versatile and can be used for both exterior and interior applications. For interior uses it is kiln dried and for exterior uses it is treated with preservatives. 

There are many uses of New Zealand Radiata pine including domestic and commercial construction, furniture, panels (such as veneer, plywood, particleboard, fibreboard), landscaping and pulp and paper.

For more information on some of New Zealand pine's uses, please click on the titles below.





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