Forest & Investment Details

Indicative initial offer$31,300-$32,600
Projected return at harvest $75,725 gross
Projected harvest date(s)2028-2031
Projected future contributions (Calls)$0 per annum
Location44km north of Gisborne
Established net stock area237.1 hectares
Year(s) planted2000, 2001
Investment structureLimited Partnership (registered Managed Investment Scheme)
Balance date31 March
Next forest visitTo be scheduled
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About Baywood Forest (tenders close 9am 8 October)

Indicative Initial Offer

An indicative Offer of $31,300 represents an 8% tax paid compounded return per annum while an indicative Offer of $32,600 represents a 7.5% tax paid compounded return per annum over the investment term. These indicative Offers are for a holding of 200 shares in Baywood Forest and represent the net present value of the Cashflow Projection set out in the Investment Report, assuming a marginal tax rate of 33 cents in the dollar. This indicative value is updated each balance date.

Projected Return at Harvest

The projected gross return at balance date of 31 March 2020 is $75,725. Note tax is payable on this amount, at the investors marginal tax rate. Harvest is projected to occur 2028-2031, but please note that variations around this timing are likely. The projected gross return is updated each balance date.

Investment Structure

Baywood Forest Investment is a registered Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.
It is structured using our Limited Partnership (LP) investment structure. LPs are a form of partnership involving General Partners (who are liable for all the debts and liabilities of the partnership) and Limited Partners. The liability of Limited Partners (investors) is limited and they are only liable to the extent of their capital contributions (funds invested), plus any other obligations expressed in the Limited Partnership Agreement.

Projected Future Calls

Each years annual Financial Statements contain details on Calls to be paid by investors for the next financial year together with the budget from which they are calculated. With annual income being received from New Zealand Carbon Leasing (FEL) Limited for carbon rental in Baywood Forest, future annual Calls are expected to be $0. This may be subject to change.


Each May, investors are sent a Tax Details Statement advising their tax position for the year, to be included in their annual tax return.

Annual Report

The financial year for the Baywood Forest Investment is to 31 March. The Annual Investment Reports comprising the requisite Annual Report plus Financial Statements are available within 4 months of this balance date. These reports and the investment's governing documents are available from the Companies Office Disclose Register at www.companiesoffice.govt.nz/disclose.

Forest Visits and Informal Meetings

The last Baywood Forest Visit and Informal Meeting was held in November 2019. The next visit is yet to be scheduled. These visits enable investors to view their growing forest and to meet and ask questions of the Forest Enterprises management team.