Project Description

The indicative value at balance date of 31 December 2014 is $34,300 for a block of 200 shares, and assumes a 7.5% rate of return after tax @ 33 cents. This indicative value is updated each balance date.
Blairlogie Forest is structured using our Limited Partnership investment structure.

Limited Partnerships are a form of partnership involving General Partners, (who are liable for all the debts and liabilities of the partnership) and Limited Partners (who are liable to the extent of their capital contribution to the partnership). A Limited Partnership is has separate legal personality (similar to a company) which offers limited liability to investor partners. It has a “pass-through” tax treatment, which means the tax consequences of the partnership’s activities flow directly to the investor partners.

Each Annual Report contains details on Calls to be paid by investors for the next financial year together with the budget from which they are calculated. With annual income being received from New Zealand Carbon Leasing (FEL) Limited for carbon rental in the forest, future Calls are expected to be $0.
Each May, investors are sent a tax letter advising their tax position for the year, to be included in their annual tax return
The financial year for the Blairlogie Forest Investment is to 31 December. The Annual Report is available within 4 months of this balance date.

The last Blairlogie forest visit and informal meeting was held on 21 November 2015. The next visit is scheduled for March 2021. These visits enable investors to view their growing forest and to meet and ask questions of the Forest Enterprises management team. They are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday.

In addition, a postal vote meeting is held each year to approve the annual accounts. Investor attendance is not required.

The projected gross return at balance date of 31 December 2014 is $81,783 at log prices for the same date. Note tax is payable on this amount, at the investors marginal tax rate. *Harvest should occur in 2021 (46%) and 2022 (54%), but may start 2 years earlier as trees reach maturity. The projected gross return is updated each Balance Date.

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Forest & Investment Details

Location 35km east of Masterton
Established net stock area 416 hectares
Year(s) planted 1993, 1994
Investment structure Limited Partnership
Indicative share value $171.50 per share
Projected return at harvest * $408.91 per share
Projected future calls $0 per annum
Annual balance date 31 December
Next forest visit March 2021