Forest Enterprises has recently made a submission in support of the draft Forestry and wood processing industry transformation plan (ITP), developed by Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service. Watch the summary video here.

The ITP’s vision is that “the forestry and wood processing sector generates more value for New Zealand, is a key pillar of our regional communities, and underpins New Zealand’s low-emissions economy.”

We think that if the ITP can address the sector’s key challenges with new technology, new markets and better sector coordination, forestry can be even more investible. Of note:

  • Increasing domestic processing capacity – Lower grade logs can be processed locally into higher value products, and woody residues (as waste product from harvesting) recovered for biofuel or other innovations from wood fibre.
  • Improving H&S and working conditions and benefits – Higher skilled, higher paid jobs in forestry supports our contractors and regional economic development.
  • Certainty of log supply – Forest Enterprises can provide another 10-15 years of wood flow certainty.
  • A single voice for the sector – Positive and proactive communications about the many benefits of forests and forest products will help educate and inspire New Zealanders.

Click here for a one page summary of the Plan, and for more detail about the plan’s objectives and documentation, follow this link.

Read Forest Enterprises’ submission here.

Comment from the New Zealand Forest Owners’ Association CEO, David Rhodes (3.10.22) – “Bright prospects for global wood market justify bold rethink for New Zealand’s plantation forests”