Not all forestry investments are the same. With more than 50 years’ experience, a Forest Enterprises forestry investment stands apart for the way we structure and manage the investments. We have proven to our investors that we know what adds value to forestry investment, and we understand what they need.

Our forestry investments are Limited Partnerships which are registered Managed Investment Schemes under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

Structured for investor control and protection

Our investment structure is a Limited Partnership. This provides the investor with the control, tax efficiency and limited liability we know is important for forestry investment.

Expert and efficient management

Everything we do at Forest Enterprises is about maximising the return to our investors – responsibly. We expertly manage both their forest and their investment, from establishment to harvest.

The total forestry investment package

As a full-service forest investment company, we provide expert forest management, investment administration services plus harvest consulting and management. The inclusion of investment administration and marketing within the operation of the company means that we are directly responsible to our investors for their total forestry investment package. The same company that introduces you to forestry investment remains responsible for managing your forest and administering the investment, right through until harvest. Investors have one convenient contact point from investment to harvest. Being involved for the duration, we remain accountable for meeting the investment expectation we originally promised. This enduring accountability strongly influences everything we do.

We do not provide financial advice

While Forest Enterprises offers forestry investment products and provides information on these investments, we cannot and do not provide specific financial or personalised investment advice.
We recommend that for financial and investment advice tailored to your own situation, you consult with an authorised financial adviser.

Who can invest

Our investors are of all ages and from all walks of life.

Investing in forestry with Forest Enterprises is very accessible. An eligible investor:

  • May be an individual (investing on their own or jointly)
  • May be a legal entity recognised in New Zealand – a company, a trust or a partnership
  • May be a New Zealander or an overseas investor
    • Overseas persons must apply for permission to invest (see below)
    • Resident non-New Zealanders may invest
    • New Zealand investors may be non-resident
  • Must have a New Zealand Inland Revenue Department client number (IRD number) for tax purposes and a functional New Zealand bank account
  • Must be of full legal capacity – has attained the age of 18 years and is competent to manage their own affairs in relation to property
As a Financial Services Provider, we are required under the New Zealand Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 to undertake due diligence on all new customers to prevent the criminal use of funds. This involves us:

  1. gathering information about customer identity and residential address, and
  2. verifying a customer’s identity, to ensure the customer is who they say they are.

When you come to invest, our team will guide you through the process.

Learn more about what is required and why on our Legal page.

Our investors are predominantly New Zealanders, however an increasing number of non-residents and overseas investors are wanting to share in the success of the New Zealand plantation radiata pine industry.

The Overseas Investment Act 2005 defines an Overseas Person as an individual who is neither a New Zealand citizen nor ordinarily resident in New Zealand.

An overseas person may invest. At the time of investing, the overseas person must apply to the Directors of the General Partner of the forestry investment for permission to invest, and may only invest provided no more than 25% of the investment is held by overseas persons.

Contact our Customer Services Manager Sean Roberts to inquire if this is relevant to your circumstances.

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