The release in 2018 of the first of two new-issue forestry investments means that investors can choose to invest in a new forest at the beginning of its second rotation, or in an established forest that is nearer harvest. Or both.

Either way, you invest directly in New Zealand’s fourth largest export sector with one of New Zealand’s leading providers of forestry investment.

Exciting new investment opportunities

For the first time in fifteen years, we will be releasing two new-issue forestry investments to the next generation of forestry investors from 2018.

Both are second rotation radiata pine forests, located in the Wairarapa.

We are now seeking preliminary indications of interest.

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Secondary Market

We facilitate the sale and purchase of shares in established Forest Enterprises forestry investments, matching willing sellers with willing buyers. When shares are available, they will be listed here – click on the forest name for the investment profile:

Read more Indicative initial offer Projected return at harvest Projected harvest date(s) Projected future
contributions (Calls)
Location Download
Investment Report
Hampton Forest $34,800 - $35,700 for 200 shares $78,641 gross for 200 shares 2024 $0 per annum Hawkes Bay
Brentwood Forest $55,200-$56,800 for 200 shares $129,008 gross for 200 shares 2024-2025 $0 per annum Gisborne

Ways to invest

Investors can purchase shares in our forestry investments at two different stages:

  • When the forest is new, at the beginning of its rotation – shares in the investment are purchased from Forest Enterprises as the offeror and the initial investment price is fixed. Find out more about our new investments here.
  • When the forest is established and is closer to harvest – shares in the investment are purchased from an existing Forest Enterprises client via the secondary market and the purchase price is negotiated between the buyer and seller. See the list above for current opportunities.

Contact our Customer Services Manager Sean Roberts for more information.

How our investments work

Our investments are structured to provide the control and protection we know investors value. Like limited liability, tax deductibility and liquidity. And as the forest and investment manager, everything we do is to maximise returns to the investor.

Why our investments?

Full service forestry investment

Since 1972, Forest Enterprises has been helping people grow their wealth by expertly managing their direct investment in radiata pine plantation forestry.

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Want to know more about investing?

Customer Services Manager, Sean Roberts is here to help facilitate your sale or purchase of Forest Enterprises investments
While our staff cannot give financial advice, Sean can answer your questions about how to invest with Forest Enterprises, and how our investments work for you – whether you’re an existing Forest Enterprises client, or are investing with us for the first time.
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