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Cleland Forest $17,800 - $18,250 for 100 shares $39,548 gross for 100 shares 2023-2024 $0 per annum Wairarapa
Awadale Forest $37,000 - $38,200 for 200 shares $89,739 gross for 200 shares 2024-2025 $0 per annum Wairarapa
Greenhills Forest $43,200 -$44,500 for 200 shares $105,414 gross for 200 shares 2024-2025* $0 per annum Gisborne
Esk Valley Forest $44,300 - $45,700 for 200 shares $108,545 gross for 200 shares 2024-2025 $0 per annum Hawkes Bay

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Forest Enterprises has been helping people grow their wealth for 45 years.
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We facilitate the sale and purchase of shares in established Forest Enterprises investments, matching willing sellers with willing buyers. Contact us for more information.

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Our investments are structured to provide the control and protection we know investors value. Like limited liability, tax deductibility and liquidity. And as the forest and investment manager, everything we do is to maximise returns to the investor.

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Some questions pop up more often than others, and most forestry and investment terms need translating into plain English. Find the answers in our FAQs and Glossary. Or feel free to contact us directly with your query.

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