Transitioning our business – and your investments – into the new regulatory era for financial markets meant a deliberate move to attract the necessary skills and expertise into our business. Introducing our Legal Services Director, Gordon Wong.

A key move in 2014 was to bring legal expertise in-house. At the time, Gordon was Partner in a law firm and had been Forest Enterprises’ lawyer for more than 20 years. He was pivotal to us creating and implementing a succession of innovative, robust investment structures for forestry, the latest of which is the Limited Partnership. Gordon specialises in commercial law and is considered New Zealand’s forestry law specialist.

He’s now our Legal Services Director, helping us to innovate once again as a licensed manager of registered forestry Managed Investment Schemes (MIS Scheme) under the Financial Markets Conduct Act.

The New Zealand Law Society published a feature in LawTalk on lawyering in Masterton (Green Pastures, 12 August 2016) where Gordon tells us about the benefits of moving from the firm to the forest.

Download the article on Gordon, read LawTalk’s full Green Pastures feature, or peruse Gordon’s profile.