The Gisborne District Council was to have formally adopted a Wood First Policy on 5 April, the second local authority in New Zealand to do so. At the Wood Processors & Manufacturers’ Regional Meeting on 4 April, Gisborne Mayor Meg Foon acknowledged the lead he had taken from Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick, winner of NZ Wood’s “Wood Warrior” Award in 2016.

Around the world, governments and businesses are being encouraged to adopt wood-first initiatives to help mitigate the effects of climate change by promoting a naturally renewable resource, to help reduce construction costs and strengthen regional economies.

Gisborne District Council flagged their support of a wood-first initiative in January 2018, with recommendation from Mayor Foon. Gisborne regional economic development agency, Activate Tairawhiti is leading the project.

Rotorua District Council was the first local authority in New Zealand to implement a Wood First Policy in 2015. The initiative recognises the economic, environmental, cultural and social significance of ‘wood’ within the community. It is about looking at wood as the first material of choice for construction, interior design and living developments within Rotorua.

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About the Rotorua District Council Wood First Policy

Photo: Rotorua’s Eat Streat – built using the Wood First concept, the central timber structure is a focal point promoting the importance of forestry and wood processing in the Rotorua district.