There is great excitement across the engineering and forestry sectors as Sir Bob Jones announces plans to erect the world’s tallest wooden office building in central Wellington.

Jones says laminated timber is far more earthquake resilient and fire resistant than steel or reinforced concrete and is also more environmentally friendly. The new 12-storey office block on Featherston Street will be made from laminated timber columns and beams, which perform better in an earthquake than steel or reinforced concrete, as the materials are less likely to buckle. It is due to be completed in 2018.

“Sir Bob is at the leading edge of new technology and why we are really excited about it is he’s leading the field in getting more engineers and designers into this whole sphere”, says Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association chief executive Jon Tanner.

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Photo below: Studio Pacific Architecture – Artists impression of Jones’ new wooden office tower, complete with bronze-tinted glass windows. Post photo: Credit RNZ.