Forest Enterprises Limited has appointed Yogesh Mody as the new Independent Director from 1 September. Forest Enterprises Limited is the licensed manager of forestry Managed Investment Schemes.

“Yogesh brings an exceptional background in financial markets regulation, managed funds, risk management and business development”, says Forest Enterprises’ Managed Investments Director, Graeme Tindall.

Forest Enterprises has a long association with Yogesh dating back 30 years. Yogesh was a senior executive at Trustees Executors Limited, the Supervisor for Forest Enterprises’ investments.

“I’ve had many opportunities to inspect and understand the forestry proposition”, says Yogesh.

“I’m glad to say, I have been impressed that Forest Enterprises’ investments have been consistent and ‘true to label’, especially in their focus on investors.”

Mody notes that the regulatory landscape is in constant change.

“Conduct and client care are top of mind and ever evolving. They require a mindset of continuous improvement, and resources. These issues are in sharp focus for the forestry and financial sectors alike.

“Moving forward, the financial sector will also be dealing with the increasing focus on climate change and on climate-related corporate communications. This will have a bearing on Forest Enterprises’ ‘social licence to operate’.”

Forest Enterprises celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.

“There are not many companies that can be proud of a 50-year history” says Yogesh.

“Forest Enterprises’ longevity is paramount when considering the rotational timeframes of forestry investments. I have observed strong succession planning within the company to ensure it can continue to be accountable to the investors.”

Forest Enterprises’ Independent Chair, John Sexton has retired having joined the Board of Directors in 2008.

“The owners have really appreciated John’s wisdom”, says Graeme.

“I want to acknowledge his significant contribution to the governance of the company during his 14-year tenure.”

Graeme, who celebrated 25 years with Forest Enterprises this year, will take over the role of Board Chair from 1 September.


John Sexton is pictured below (back row, centre) with Forest Enterprises directors/owners, past and present, at Forest Enterprises 50th Anniversary Dinner for staff, May 2022.

Forest Enterprises Directors