Am I truly protected by limited liability?

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Yes, you are in our Limited Partnership investments as a limited partnership is a corporate structure similar to a company which offers limited liability to investor partners. Your liability is only for what you have invested, including any outstanding Calls requested but not yet paid. You have no personal liability for any unpaid Calls of other investors. You [...]

What do you mean by ‘direct investment’?

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There are two main ways you can invest in forestry. You can invest directly into the ownership of the trees (which normally also includes ownership of the land on which the trees are growing), or indirectly through shares in a listed forestry company or other managed fund. We refer to these two options as ‘direct’ [...]

Can I sell or transfer my shares prior to harvest?

By |2021-01-11T10:40:20+13:00July 29th, 2016||

Yes, you can do both. Being able to liquidate or transfer shares prior to harvest is a key feature of a Forest Enterprises investment. We have facilitated the sale of established Forest Enterprises investments for many years and never failed to find a buyer for an investment at a price acceptable to both buyer and seller. There are normally [...]

What are my shares worth?

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When the Financial Statements are prepared each year, an update is made to an investment's Indicative Value at Balance Date (for a typical share unit of 200 shares). An update to the Indicative Value may also be provided in the Investment Report prepared when a client is selling their Forest Enterprises shares. If you have [...]

When will my forest be harvested?

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With many of our forest investments approaching harvesting age, this question from investors is understandable because it is an indication of when to expect investment returns. Indicative harvest dates have been reported each year in the investment’s annual Financial Report, reflecting the expectations in the original Prospectus to harvest exactly at tree age 28 years. [...]

How much income will I earn from harvest?

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Closer to harvest and when the harvest plan for your investment forest has been communicated with investors, we produce an updated Cashflow Projection for your investment based on the latest available log price series, latest cost estimates, the mix of hauler vs ground-based logging operations, and the pre-harvest inventory of your forest's log grade mix. [...]

Why is there a difference between my taxable income and the distributions I’ve been paid?

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Income earned by the limited partnership in a tax year, such as from harvest, is taxable at the investor level. This taxable income (or loss) is noted on your annual Tax Details Statement. Broadly speaking, taxable income is calculated on investment income (e.g. log sales) less expenses (e.g. road building, replanting) for the year. Investors [...]

What will my harvest income be this year?

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An updated Cashflow Projection is included each year in the investment’s Financial Report. The cashflow will include the projected income and expenses for each year until the conclusion of the investment, and will therefore show if any income is expected for the coming year. If you have shares in a Forest Enterprises Limited Partnership investment, [...]

How will I be paid at harvest, and what about the tax?

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Payments to investors from harvest cashflow will occur when surplus funds allow, and will be regular throughout the harvest programme. There are no set dates or amounts but we aim for quarterly payments of an economic amount. We will advise investors if any upcoming distributions in the harvest reports. These are cash payments and tax [...]

How do roading expenses impact my taxable income?

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Building harvest infrastructure - roads and landings (log processing areas) - is a significant but necessary expense required to access, harvest and remove the valuable timber in your forest. Roads are built throughout the harvest programme, but the primary outlay occurs during the early stages to establish the network, with maintenance generally occurring as harvest [...]

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