Terms and queries about investing in forestry

Why invest in forestry with Forest Enterprises?

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The choice of company you invest with is most important. Invest with a company with a proven track record of taking a responsible approach to asset management and adding value for their investors. As the first direct forestry investment company established in New Zealand, our 50-year record of providing high-quality, profitable forestry investments speaks for [...]

What does being a ‘licensed manager’ mean?

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Under New Zealand law, issuers, managers and promoters of registered Managed Investment Schemes (MIS) must hold a license to do so. Forest Enterprises Limited is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 to manage Managed Investment Schemes (excluding managed funds) which are primarily invested in forestry assets. We have met (and are required to continue to meet) [...]

What is a Managed Investment Scheme (MIS)?

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Of the 61 forestry investments managed by Forest Enterprises, 49 are Managed Investment Schemes (MIS), registered under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act) and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority. Forest Enterprises Limited is licensed under the FMC Act to manage Managed Investment Schemes (excluding managed funds) which are primarily invested in forestry assets. Generally [...]

How can I pay the Calls?

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By far the most convenient way to pay your Calls is by direct debit. But you can also pay by charging to a VISA or MasterCard, by transfer from your bank account to the investment trustee's bank account (Trustees Executors Limited), or by cheque. To discuss or arrange your payment options, contact us.

Who owns the land?

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Investors in our Limited Partnerships own the land as well as the tree crop through their ownership of shares in the Limited Partnership. The land is not owned by the Manager or any other third party. Under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, there is a requirement for the Supervisor (or its appointed custodian) to [...]

Are the trees insured?

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Yes. Your forest is insured against fire until harvest which includes the cost of fire-fighting, forest re-establishment and claim-related costs. Public liability is also in place under a separate policy. Contact us for the current summary of the forest insurance cover.

Am I truly protected by limited liability?

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Yes, you are in our Limited Partnership investments as a limited partnership is a corporate structure similar to a company which offers limited liability to investor partners. Your liability is only for what you have invested, including any outstanding Calls requested but not yet paid. You have no personal liability for any unpaid Calls of other investors. You [...]

What do you mean by ‘direct investment’?

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There are two main ways you can invest in forestry. You can invest directly into the ownership of the trees (which normally also includes ownership of the land on which the trees are growing), or indirectly through shares in a listed forestry company or other managed fund. We refer to these two options as ‘direct’ [...]

Can I sell or transfer my shares prior to harvest?

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Yes, you can do both. Being able to liquidate or transfer shares prior to harvest is a key feature of a Forest Enterprises investment. We have facilitated the sale of established Forest Enterprises investments for many years and never failed to find a buyer for an investment at a price acceptable to both buyer and seller. There are normally [...]

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