Investors in our Limited Partnerships own the land as well as the tree crop through their ownership of shares in the Limited Partnership. The land is not owned by the Manager or any other third party.

Under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, there is a requirement for the Supervisor (or its appointed custodian) to be registered on the title to the land and to hold the land in trust for Partnership or Limited Partnership, as an investor protection. Limited partnerships in forestry managed investments which were established before the Act came into force have the benefit of an exemption, so the land is registered in the name of the limited partnership, with an encumbrance on the title which requires the Supervisor’s consent to any dealings.

Ownership of the land is a key feature of a Forest Enterprises investment and gives investors more control over their forests. It eliminates commitments such as annual rentals, payments for access or the sharing of harvest proceeds. And there is the potential to enjoy gains from any increase in the value of the land over time. Learn more about our Investment Structure here.