Forest Enterprises and Logic Forest Solutions expand in Gisborne and conclude their two-year strategic alliance

The success of the strategic alliance between forest investment manager Forest Enterprises and Gisborne-based forest services company Logic Forest Solutions has led to an expansion of both companies in Gisborne and the mutual decision to play to their strengths independently.

The alliance between the two companies formed in December 2015 was an efficient way for Forest Enterprises to manage their Gisborne harvest at the time by utilising the skills of Logic’s local team.

“Our strategic relationship with Logic has been successful, having achieved all the objectives we set for our businesses”, says Forest Enterprises CEO Bert Hughes. “It is time for each company now to focus on core business, and for Forest Enterprises this means fully engaging in the forest management functions within our estate.”

Dan Fraser was appointed to Forest Enterprises’ new executive role of Gisborne Regional Manager in 2017 to oversee the expansion of their Gisborne harvest programme. More than 210,000 tonnes are planned from the Gisborne estate in 2018, and this volume is expected to triple within four years.

Says Dan, “the Logic team are a great company and provider of contract services. For Forest Enterprises moving forward, we are best placed to add value in forest and harvest management in-house. To do that, we’ll be expanding the team at our Gisborne branch.”

Logic Forest Solutions has new opportunities in stumpage and management of small to medium-sized forests.

The companies will continue to have a close working relationship, with Logic continuing to provide Forest Enterprises with ongoing technical forestry services. Forest Enterprises is obtaining new premises and has started the recruitment process for two new Gisborne-based forestry roles.

Both companies have brought on new shareholders in the last year from their respective executive teams.

Photo: Road-line harvesting at Hokoroa North Forest near Gisborne, February 2018.

For more information
Bert Hughes – CEO & Forestry Director, Forest Enterprises, Mob. 027 441 0535
Richard Smith – Managing Director, Logic Forest Solutions Limited, Mob. 021 932 448