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300 Index

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A forestry term used to express the productivity of a site in terms of volume growth for Pinus radiata. It is the mean annual volume increment in cubic metres per hectare of a 300 stem per hectare Radiata pine stand at age 30 years. As a measure of productivity used in modelling and forecasting tree growth [...]

Annual Report

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The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 requires the manager of a registered Managed Investment Scheme to prepare an Annual Report on the affairs of the scheme during the accounting period ending on the balance date. The contents of the annual report are prescribed in Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014. The Annual Report must be prepared and [...]

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

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New Zealand’s Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 requires us, as a financial services provider, to undertake due diligence on all new customers which involves gathering information about customer identity and residential address, verifying a customer's identity, and undertaking ongoing customer due diligence and account monitoring.


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Replanting areas of dead or damaged trees to maintain target stocking rates, normally undertaken the winter following the planting of a stand.

Butt Log

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The bottom part of a tree. A 'Peeler Butt' is the pruned bottom part of the tree, around 2m in length, used by mills to make veneer.


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The name of the regular instalment payments by investors, required to meet their share of the annual budget for forest management and other services. The term also covers other contributions investors must make for the development and management of the investment which is prudent or necessary. The largest amount of funding is required in Year One in order to [...]

Carbon Lease

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All of the Post-1989 forests promoted by Forest Enterprises have entered into a into a commercial arrangement with a company called New Zealand Forest Leasing Ltd (NZFL), resulting in the carbon in the Post-1989 areas of the forest being leased to New Zealand Carbon Leasing (No. 1) Limited, a subsidiary of NZFL, in return for [...]

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